Hurry-up and Weight

For almost 20 years people in the United States of America have been advised to do Strength training twice a week, in addition to their weekly 150 minutes of aerobic exercise.  It was only in 2011 that exercise guidelines in the United Kingdom caught-up...

But why have we been advised to add strength training to our workout?  And should everyone, young or old, really start moving weights? 

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Old wives tales No.2: Does weight training in children stunt growth?

Childhood obesity is on the rise throughout the world, with over 30% of kids in some countries being overweight.  Today children are more sedentary than ever before, resulting in earlier age of obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases seen in adults.  The guidelines are clear: children need moderate to vigorous exercise for at least 60 minutes a day, and three of these days should include muscle and bone strengthening activities.  But what about children who cannot run because they are too overweight--how do they perform strength training exercises?

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Siobhan Graham
Morocco bound: Part 1. Baked beans and the unfortunate Jelly Baby

Morocco, here I come again but this time with my intrepid younger brother Christopher.   One of Christopher's evening carers, who helps him get ready for bed, has been off work since December looking after her mother who is ill.  So, when over the Christmas holidays Christopher asked me 'What will I do now?", followed by a daily reminder of " I need a holiday", I thought that a month in Morocco was a good solution.  It would also buy us time to get someone to take over the evening shift on Christopher's return. 

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