About Dr Siobhan Graham

Since graduating from Queens University in 2000, Dr.Graham has been practicing medicine in Northern Ireland and abroad for over 17 years.

She worked in Australia, New Zealand, England and Scotland before settling back in Northern Ireland in 2008. Her travels as a doctor have given her great insights into different health systems and what works best for patients.

In 2005 she obtained a post-graduate diploma in Child and Adolescent Health, and in 2016 graduated with a Masters degree in Sport & Exercise Medicine from the University of Bath England. 

Dr.Graham remains passionate about helping her patients improve their lifestyle through exercise, eating well and mindfulness.

A sports enthusiast and athlete since a young age, she continues to enjoy surfing and yoga. She has traveled the world, living among local communities and offering her medical services and time voluntarily

Growing up with family members who had inflammatory diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, Dr.Graham developed an early interest in Nutritional Epigenetics (the effects of nutrition on our genes).  

Her initial advice to patients is simple: " keep active, sleep well, maintain happy relationships and avoid sugar."

You can view Dr Graham's work history via linked-in, and read about how medicine found her in her blog it's in my blood.

Her personal and professional blog Medicine, My Brother & Me, tells stories of life traveling with her younger brother, Christopher, who has Down syndrome and her own insights into the changing world of medicine.

Dr Graham's Voluntary Work

  • 1999, 2 months in Kenya: Medical elective, hospital in Mombassa. Collectively raised over £1000 for care of young patient.

  • 2001, 4 months in Peru: Teaching English. Raised money for local school for children with learning disabilities, providing basics supplies and clothes.

  • 2003, 2 weeks in Guatemala: Habitat for Humanity, working as an interpreter and volunteer.

  • 2005, 6 months in Belfast: Good Shepherd Church. GIFT youth group leader.

  • 2012, 2 months in Costa Rica: Talks on different health issues to teenagers and women's groups. Ran a women's exercise group.

  • 2015, 1 week in California: Assisting Artist Cathy Grey, with Art students at the Victory centre, for adults with learning disabilities.


The Victory Centre

San Anselmo, California

I love art. The victory centre is about people with learning disabilities, developing their artistic skills and sharing their friendship with each other. This week volunteering was a wonderful and unique opportunity. It inspired me to paint again.


Nosara, Costa Rica

This is a women's group linked with a local church in rural Costa Rica. Siobhan worked as a volunteer, leading a weekly talk on topics such as nutrition, women's health and exercise. After each talk she offered a combined yoga and pilates class on the town football field.



Collaborative workshop with Forage Ireland


This is Mary Hughes, physiotherapist, artist and co-founder of Forage, giving a lesson in knitting.

I joined my good friends, Mary and Dermott Hughes from Forage Ireland, on Rathlin Island. We knitted, baked soda bread and learned about transforming raw ingredients and 'super-foods' into delicious, nutritious desserts.