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20 minutes of resistance training for anyone with knee or hip pain, or anyone who wants to keep their lower limb joints in good health. These exercises strengthen the core muscles, hip muscles, and knee muscles. As a result your joints can maintain better alignment when walking or climbing the stairs.


Dr Siobhan Graham

"My name is Dr. Siobhan Graham, I am a general practitioner (family physician) passionate about preventing and managing disease with nutrition, exercise and mindfulness.  With a family history of autoimmune diseases, I have studied how best to take care of my genes. Through my website, I want to share this knowledge and inspire you to live a happier and healthier life."

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  • MEDICINE                                    Common medical problems & treatments

  • NUTRITION                                        Food that prevents and treats disease

  • EXERCISE                                           Slows aging and reduces heart disease

  • ART                                            Creativity to improve well-being

  • TRAVEL                                       Adventures as a women across the world

  • LEARNING DISABILITY                    What's it like to have a learning disability?

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Happiness is a property of the soul; it neither resides in silver nor in gold.
— Democritus

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Find out about me, my holistic and scientific approach to medicine, and plans for the future.

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